Billie's Bee-Hive

Nutrition Books

for Children

Billie Sue Greenlee has written children's books that will encourage your young child to learn about proper nutrition.

Lively and colorful illustrations of fruits and vegetables and short, clever verses combine to provide young children, pre-k through second grade, with enjoyable reading experiences designed to encourage healthy eating habits.  The main characters, Buz-Zee and Bee-Bee, lead children through the books from bananas to watermelon and asparagus to tomatoes.  Activity pages are included as well as collectible cards.  


These books would be beneficial not only to parents and their children but also to schools, university early childhood programs, and government and private agencies concerned with promoting life-long healthy eating habits.

"I am truly honored for this opportunity to inform the world about this author and her The Bee Hive series. . . .What a blessing to have this resource to educate and inspire the next generation.  The Bee Hive is a must have for your library collection."
La Nora Glaze, RN, BSN, CDE, Diabetes Educator  


"I can see my eight- and five-year-old grandsons thoroughly enjoying these books.  Clay and Luke would get a kick out of reading and memorizing the verses and drawing and coloring the artwork.  They are already big fruit and 'veggie' fans!"
Becky McPheron, grandmother and former second grade teacher


"I can't believe Ms. Billie has done it again.  She has made it fun to learn about fruits and nutrition.  Her first book about vegetables was very exciting but I believe the fruits are even more fun!!  My favorite is the mango doing the tango.  I love it when my fruit dances!! Thanks, Ms. Billie, for making it okay to play with our food."
Joyce Robinson, RN, CDE

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